About Me

I’m Trevon Carter and I’m an author, a lover, a thinker and most importantly, a young black man from the ATL. Born and raised Grove Park before the gentrification, with a single, hardworking, tough as nails mama and two brothers, it was a rough life. Never had a father figure until I met a mentor who graduated from Georgia Tech. He saw something in me that I had never seen and he really pushed me to get the hell out of where I was.

Can’t say that I finished high school, and college, still a world away, but my mentor made sure I got my GED and learned the skills and labor needed to earn some honest dollars. He saw that I was a thinker, a man who always had something going on in his head and he told me to write. Didn’t matter what, but just write. And I did, over and over and over again. After some ghost writing, I learned more and ventured on my own.

Family still in Grove Park but its definitely getting better and me, I’m traveling now, hitting up places and meeting some amazing people along the way. Met a group of other like minded authors and started up our own tiny publishing group, PEAR Stories. If ya’ll are interested in seeing my work definitely hit up PEAR Stories.