Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As we turn the page on another year, I can’t help but feel a sense of hope and excitement for what the future holds. While the past year has certainly had its challenges, I am grateful for the lessons and growth it has brought.

As an African American writer, I am especially hopeful for the progress we will see in the coming year.

I am also looking forward to writing many new stories in the coming year that can excite my audiences and bring joy to those who just feel like taking a break from it all.

So here’s to a new year full of possibility and promise.


Still writing away, but taking some time to visit friends and family, wearing a mask of course. I’m constantly troubled by some looks I get though, as if wearing my mask is somehow going to hurt someone. Or maybe it’s the color of my skin. Hard to tell in today’s crazy world.

In other news, and to get my mind off the more serious topic of the world, never got around to buying that Gorilla Bow. Been reading up on it and can’t say that the REAL reviews were that impressive. Instead, I bought some resistance bands from WODFitness. I was a bit hesitant at first but damn, I might not need to visit the gym even after this virus madness. Really felt a good workout.

Got me in the right mood to go back to editing and writing.

Independence Day

I can’t believe it’s already July 4th, the day America claimed its freedom from the British. No taxation without representation… Representation… This year has shown that ‘representation’ is missing, and I don’t mean people with the color of my skin but also people like me who grew up with nothing. The richest man in the world is worth billions while there are people who live in the streets in the very city he resides in.

I hope this year is the turning point. That everyone is truly represented and that we, as Americans, show the world why we are a super power. I really hope and I hope we rise and we get away from this hatred that is taking over our Great Country.

Happy Independence Day.


Juneteenth has come and passed, yet the world seems to continue on in its usual ways. Lots of posts from white folks talking about how its a time to learn, listen and reflect, but I bet, when people go into the office on Monday, it’ll all be the same. Empty words with empty promises.

Luckily, I’ve met some people with real heart and real truth who do stand by people like me. They mean what they say. But truth be told, its far and few to find these real people. Too many others live with hatred, maybe its quiet, maybe it’s not, but ultimately, it’s real. Maybe someday, I’ll be in a world where we all see eye to eye, where we all understand one another, where we all respect and help uplift each other as people. Not white people, not people of color, not whatever other wording but just “people” because that’s what we are.

Crazy Times

Wow, what a crazy time to be where I am today. Protests, riots, sensationalism, and all kinds of madness… All spread through insane amounts of media that people consume constantly.

I’m still settling and absorbing all of it. A black man like me, just barely made it out from the hood to live a pretty average, middle class like life. The mentors I met, the people who believed in me, they came from all races. They’ve all reached out to me over the last couple of days and we’ve had some real heartfelt conversations.

All this anger… I recently watched Dave Chappelle, my man, telling it like it is. If you can, give it a shot on Youtube. Yes, it might seem vulgar at times, but the words are pretty powerful.

Small Updates

I guess all the socia media advertisements really got to me and I tried getting myself a Gorilla Bow off Amazon. Traveling makes it a bit hard for me to buy weights so I figured I could get one of these bars that can also come apart along with resistance bands, which is basically what the Gorilla Bow is.

I actually got the one that breaks apart into three pieces, but I’m not sure I’ll have to at the moment. Can’t really get on any planes so I’ll have to see if it was worth the extra money for the breaking apart functionality.

Amazon is telling me it’s going to arrive in a couple of days so after I open it up and use it, I guess I’ll post my thoughts on it here. I’ll probably have to hold off on it for a bit since I’ve got a couple of BLM events to go to. Protest seems like the wrong word for me. I only want to make sure my voice is heard with my brothers and sisters.

Until later, stay safe!

Working Out at Home

Man, been going stir crazy with all these stay at home orders. I used to go to the gym to clear my head and get me in the mood for writing. Can’t even do that anymore and it’s been tough. Had some great ideas sprout out of my head about a month ago after I was finishing up at the gym. Met this fine lady who teased me for a bit before her boyfriend popped up to ruin the fun.

But that’s a story for another time. For now, I need to figure out how to workout in my apartment. Thought about getting a pullup bar installed but don’t know if these paperthin walls can handle me, ha ha. Don’t feel like buying weights either cause that’s gonna be a pain when I try to move on out after this pandemic. Maybe I’ll have to try out some resistance bands, see how strong they can be. Been thinking about going to a local park that has them bars but with all the craziness going on lately, I think I’m gonna be safer at home.

For others who are at home, stay safe, keep being you and if you have some workout tips, ya let me know, feel me?

Sup People

Trying out this blogging. Any stories I finish up will be posted up at PEAR Stories. This blog is mostly for my own personal thoughts and an avenue for people to get to know me away from my works. Next on my list, twitter.