Working Out at Home

Man, been going stir crazy with all these stay at home orders. I used to go to the gym to clear my head and get me in the mood for writing. Can’t even do that anymore and it’s been tough. Had some great ideas sprout out of my head about a month ago after I was finishing up at the gym. Met this fine lady who teased me for a bit before her boyfriend popped up to ruin the fun.

But that’s a story for another time. For now, I need to figure out how to workout in my apartment. Thought about getting a pullup bar installed but don’t know if these paperthin walls can handle me, ha ha. Don’t feel like buying weights either cause that’s gonna be a pain when I try to move on out after this pandemic. Maybe I’ll have to try out some resistance bands, see how strong they can be. Been thinking about going to a local park that has them bars but with all the craziness going on lately, I think I’m gonna be safer at home.

For others who are at home, stay safe, keep being you and if you have some workout tips, ya let me know, feel me?

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